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CBN Thailand's show "From Heart to Heart" rises in popularity as well as the number of Buddhists seeking the truth.

CBN WorldReach's 1MusicBox.com has become the largest online collection of Chinese Christian songs.

CBN WorldReach brings medical missions and a powerful video, "The Jesus Film," to the people of India.

CBN will be sponsoring concerts touring Germany, Russia and Ukraine spreading the gospel and raising support for CBN’s Orphan’s Promise.

The French 700 Club's popularity has increased and so have the number of French speaking areas receiving the life-changing messages.

CBN's Orphan's Promise teaches poverty-stricken children and orphans in India life skills and Bible truths.

Over 5,000 people gave their lives to Christ after watching "The Jesus Movie" on large projection screens in rural villages throughout India.

CBN WorldReach is holding summer camps for orphans in the Ukraine teaching practical skills in workshops along with Bible lessons.

CBN's first "live" program in Latin America,"Club 700 Costa Rica," began airing last week. The show airs three times a week, encourages interactivity...

Nearly 15,000 children in Thailand learn about Christ through Pen Dek, a weekly CBN WorldReach TV program and club.

Millions of people in Nigeria are coming to Christ as a result of watching several programs produced by CBN WorldReach. An independent survey found...

A new TV program, One Cubed.TV, will begin airing in Indonesia August 7. The show will include testimonies, skits and interactivity for the ever-...

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference chose CBN as their media ministry of choice, opening new doors for Club 700 Hoy (CBN’s popular...

CBN WorldReach's daily broadcast in India reaches millions who speak Hindi, the most widely spoken language in India.

Thousands attended outreaches hosted in South Africa airing the World Cup and "The Prize," a film with testimonies from famous Christian soccer...

CBN partnered with a local church to provide a Christmas outreach to children presenting Aqua Viva and the love of Christ in Ecuador as they have for...