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A new TV program, One Cubed.TV, will begin airing in Indonesia August 7. The show will include testimonies, skits and interactivity for the ever-...

The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference chose CBN as their media ministry of choice, opening new doors for Club 700 Hoy (CBN’s popular...

CBN WorldReach's daily broadcast in India reaches millions who speak Hindi, the most widely spoken language in India.

Thousands attended outreaches hosted in South Africa airing the World Cup and "The Prize," a film with testimonies from famous Christian soccer...

CBN partnered with a local church to provide a Christmas outreach to children presenting Aqua Viva and the love of Christ in Ecuador as they have for...

Pat and Gordon Robertson discuss current developments in CBN WorldReach and pray for those caught in financial scams.

CBN is helping with the annual "Holiday of Hope and Cheers" program bringing toys and the love of Jesus to more than 7,000 children in the...

In Perú, an audience of 880 children and parents attended the Spanish-language premiere of CBN's newest Superbook® episode "The First Christmas."

CBN Indonesia launched a new TV program in Sundanese, broadcasting to the world's largest unreached people group in the world.

The French 700 Club (Le Club 700) is now available on facebook and airs in 15 countries.

Gordon discusses how your donations are changing the lives of young people in other nations.

CBN and the U.S. Navy worked together to bring special wheelchairs to Senegal, Africa.

Severe flooding in Cambodia now affects 17 of 24 provinces and CBN's delivering food and supplies to victims.

CBN is helping in the emergency relief effort to families in Pakistan where floods are reaching five feet in some areas.

CBN brought in doctors and dentists to treat hundreds of poor Cambodian farmers and their families.

CBN Thailand is bringing God's hope and relief bags with basic necessities to thousands of flood victims of the current flooding in Thailand,...


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