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CBN's popular Spanish program, Vida Dura, has a new Facebook page for viewer interaction.

CBN Philippines launched a new TV program "Kausaban," which means "transformation" in Bisaya, the native language.

Children in Thailand spent the day at an aquarium with the host from the popular TV program, CBN WorldReach's "Pen Dek"

The German 700 Club reaches it's homeland, Austria, and Switzerland and more through it's website and Facebook page.

CBN Indonesia's Jawaban.com features radio, live chat with prayer counselors, and daily devotions.

CBN Television programs reach more than 37 million people in India and are produced in four different Indian languages.

More than one million Russian speaking people have visited CBN's PoiskBoga.com, a Russian Website.

CBN's "Superbook" presented in Costa Rica at the annual Fun Festival by the City of God church to nearly 1000 children.

700 Club Costa Rica has a new Co-Host.

Some churches in Hong Kong and China are using episodes of the 700 Club Hong Kong as teaching tools.

Clube 700, the Portugese version of The 700 Club, is now reaching its Brazilian audience in high definition.

Several CBN partners ventured to and helped out in an Indonesian orphanage supported by CBN funds.

A television station in Africa is now broadcasting Christian TV in Luganda, the native language of over 10 million people.

Fans in the Philippines have a new way to receive the popular program The 700 Club Asia - just turn on their radio.

The Russian Website, Emmanuil.tv, is making it possible to stream CBN Worldreach programming across the former Soviet Union.

Airing only six months, CBN WorldReach's OneCubed.tv has 3.6 million viewers in Indonesia.


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