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As China celebrated its anniversary, we remember the millions who died and the suffering, but still growing church, in that Communist nation.

The White House put out a mixed message as it made a strong stand for religious freedom, but narrowed the window for refugees fleeing religious...

Saudi Arabia and North Korea are two of the harshest persecutors of Christians in the world. One country may be opening up, while the other is as...

China’s Christians are sharing their faith and overcoming obstacles to bring the Gospel in their country.

Christian World News - September 6 2019: The tiny nation of Georgia fights to preserve its Christian past, present and future. Meet one of Georgia's...

Growing up Muslim in Iran, Mohamad Faridi tried everything he could to please God, but he was so miserable that all he wanted to do was die. That's...

Every year, in the African nation of Uganda, hundreds of children are kidnapped and murdered as part of a thriving human sacrifice business. A...

Millions of Nigerian Christians have been forced to flee their homes by the ISIS-inspired terrorist group Boko Haram, but they're not giving up the...

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