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Couple Gives Thanks to God for Surviving Direct Hit

Israel Hits Back as Hamas Launches Rockets.

Afghanistan’s Christians believe the U.S. pullout will mean attacks on their tiny, underground Christian community

As India Struggles to Cope with Covid, the World Responds

Christians, Muslims, Yazidis and other faiths facing religious persecution.

As the world’s Muslims celebrate Ramadan, Christians around the globe are praying for them.

A new explosion of terrorism puts Christians in the hotspot.

As the world’s Christians celebrate Easter, we examine the veracity of God’s word.

Among the thousands of migrants held at the border, many are children in need of food, water and other necessities.

Yemen’s civil war is putting 400,00 children at risk of famine and potentially millions more.

China is targeting ethnic Muslims for murder, forced sterilization and imprisonment.

The testimony of imprisoned pastors and God’s might hand highlights a special on the persecuted Church.

As the U.S. and Iran dance negotiate over re-engagement, religious freedom advocates are calling on the Biden Administration to make religious rights...

China is closing churches, arresting Christians, and putting ethnic Muslims in labor camps.

An archaeological find in Israel confirms Old Testament history.