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Covid-19 has shut down the Holy Land, so these Christian artisans are bringing the Holy Land to the world…with some help from a Jewish-run business.

Religious freedom is under attack around the world and some are warning America’s Christians to get ready.

Tens of thousands of Christians are dead and millions more displaced in a brutal campaign waged by radical Muslims in Nigeria.

In the wake of a contentious presidential election, Americans are more divided than ever. How can the church bring us back together?

In a nation where the early church flourished, Christianity is now under attack.

Armenians fear giving up land taken by Azerbaijan puts their Christian heritage at risk.

President Trump is challenging the votes in several states that went for Joe Biden.

Christians living in a disputed, war-torn territory say it's not just their land, but their faith that's under attack.

With Israel closed to tourists, we bring you some of the most recent discoveries and sights and sounds from the Holy Land.

Turkey is playing a key role in a fight that’s targeting the world’s oldest Christian nation.

Armenian Christians in Nagorno-Karabakh are fleeing as their homeland comes under attack.

Christians call for unity and prayer as President Trump and his wife contract the coronavirus.

A new survey shows Iranians are turning from Islam and the regime, while Sudan is no longer an Islamic Republic.

Two Arab nations sign a peace deal with Israel. Is this a watershed moment for Middle East Peace?

A missionary family risks their live rescuing and serving people in a war zone.

There have been hundreds of attacks against Christians and other religious minorities in India, due to a rising tide of Hindu nationalism.