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The host of The Doctors talks about major health concerns this season, including Swine Flu, and how to avoid them.

Would you like to look 15, maybe even 20 years younger naturally? Dr. Eric Braverman will discuss how keeping a younger brain will aid to a younger...

The founder of Body by Jake discusses his work to get American kids fit so they can overcome obesity and stay healthy.

Can I overcome diabetes through weight loss and exercise at my age of 70? How do I eat baker's chocolate? What other protein sources besides soy are...

The celebrity fitness trainer demonstrates a star workout for women.

The celebrity fitness trainer demonstrates a star workout for women.

Survivor Amazon contestant JoAnna Ward talks about getting spiritually and physically healthy and demonstrates a quick cardio workout with Kristi.

What workout equipment can I buy with $300? How do I manage my flexible spending account? Can local honey lessen allergy symptoms?

What mattress is better for back pain: a soft bed or a hard bed? I struggle with flab even though I am an avid exerciser. How do I get back in shape?

My husband and I are in our 70s and work out almost daily. What's a healthy heart rate?

A new survey among elementary school principals shows they seen proof that recess is good for young student's minds.

Dr. Travis Stork of Bachelor fame and The Doctors talks about major health concerns for women.

Slim waistlines aren't just for women. Men can get rid of stubborn belly fat with Liz Vaccariello's Flat Belly recipes.

What is Fibromyalgia? Should we limit the time our kids spend on the computer and television? When should we start our kids visiting the dentist?

Pat and Kristy answers questions about Health, nutrition, stress/weight gain, motion sickness and fitness.

What is DEET and is it bad for you? Is weight gain inevitable when quitting smoking? When traveling abroad, what should I do about my prescription...