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Fitness expert discusses staying healthy and how to boost metabolism, reduce the waistline and keep fitness fun with 12-minute workouts.

Leana Murdoch wanted an exercise buddy, so she went online to search for other moms in her community.

Meet this average Joe who lost more than 200 pounds using determination and the prayers of his wife.

What causes cramping during exercising? How can I get the benefits of garlic without the odor? How can we avoid getting poison ivy while camping?

Jim will talk about Kristi’s training progress and her biggest challenges.

Kristi updates us on her marathon training. She’s been keeping a video diary of her progress.

The FOX News Radio anchor tells how he went from 300 pounds and a bad heart to 150 pounds and good health.

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Can I jump rope for fitness? Is fresh food worth the trouble? Is soy milk safe for kids?...

I have flabby arms. What exercises can I do to tone them up? Pat Robertson answers this Skinny Wednesday question and more.

Pat Robertson answers your questions about daily running, the dangers of white rice, and how calories matter.

America's Health and Lifestyle Coach discusses how to break through weight loss plateaus and gets on the mini-trampoline.

Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen answer the following question: It seems like this practice is dangerous. Is it wrong to try and "sweat off" weight...

Pat Robertson and Kristi Watts answer the following Bring It On question: I want to lose my potbelly. Can I do crunches everyday?

Pat Robertson and Kristi Watts visit with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Michael Roizen. They discuss what the greatest threat is to your...

He added years to his life by changing his lifestyle. See how you can do the same with six heart-healthy tips.

Learn how to increase mobility and keep fit. Watch the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Indianapolis Colts, Richard Howell, as he...