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Pat Robertson answers these e-mail questions: Does eating sugar cause wrinkles? What is a Daniel fast?

For this holiday season, the fitness expert demonstrates how to exercise using common household items.

The assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Indianapolis Colts talks with Pat Robertson about fitness and nutrition for athletes.

Jim White talks about setting up your own home gym for less than $100 and provides workout tips.

Denver Nuggets trainer Steve Hess talks about the secret weapon that will enhance your workout.

Pat Robertson answers questions about weight training for women, deep water walking, exercise and biblical times, and exercise to relieve arthritis.

Former Wimbledon champ Betsy Nagelsen McCormack has a lifetime love for fitness. An injury during a match almost cut that lifetime short.

Don't have a lot of time to get fit? Exercise expert Sean Foy gives you a workout that works in 10 minutes.

Is at-home tooth whitening safe? Does menopause cause weight gain? Are airports body scans safe? Is there anything Biblical against gastric bypass...

Many know him as a martial arts master and actor. But these days, Chuck Norris is playing another role -- political activist.

Should I be worried about sun poisoning? Do you have any tips for new caregivers of Alzheimer's patients? Is bacon bad for your heart?

Kristi and Skinny Wednesday guest, Jaime Brenkus, will demonstrate exercises for abs.

He's the man behind 8 Minute Abs. Now Jaime Brenkus wants you to get lean and mean in 15 days.

Tim Michaels discusses fitness and exercise for kids. He is the author of “Super Healthy Kingdom Kids”.

Pat Robertson interviews celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels about her work on NBC's "The Biggest Loser".

Think you can get away with not exercising and still lose weight? Think again. NBC's Biggest Loser fitness trainer Jillian Michaels says to get off...