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Are you praying for a miracle? Here’s a question for you: what if you received it right now? Are you ready for the changes that come with your...

After 10 years, Dave and Ann had opposite views of their marriage. They both had regrets, but now they share the secret that changed their marriage.

Ken Harrison urges men to be what God created them to be, and to step into marriage, family, and work with new strength.

Relationship coach Kait Warman gives practical dating tips for today’s Christian single.

Author of 5 Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman shares how you can keep your love alive through difficult times.

Author Jonathan Pitts shares how you can experience an abundant marriage with this Biblical practice.

CBN’s newly married Wendy Griffith and author of You Are a Prize to be Won! says it’s possible to live an abundant single life while you’re waiting...

When Dave confessed his dependency on pornography, his wife wanted to leave the marriage. Instead, something urged her to forgive and help him break...

Dr. Coulter shares how Christians flourished in the Greco-Roman era, showing how we, too, can life a full and pure life amidst the modern “Hook-Up...

Joel and Nina Schmidgall are passionate about seeing marriages healed and transformed through the power of prayer.

Searching for freedom and affirmation, Lindsey left her husband and filed for a divorce. See why she chose to return two years later.

When Army Sergeant Mike returned from deployment, PTSD nearly destroyed him. After 3 years of chaos, and with his marriage failing, a supernatural...

After serving in Iraq, Lucas returned to his family. Dealing with PTSD, he turned to alcohol and nearly lost everything.

Authors David and Tamela Mann discuss their new book, Us Against the World.

Entrepreneurs Jamal and Natasha Miller discuss their online university, The One University, to prepare singles for marriage.

Randall and Chenel divorced after only a few years of marriage. In the following years, they reexamined what their marriage should’ve been.