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Imagine not having enough money to buy the antibiotic that would save your daughter's life. That's when you brought the help.

In this report, CBN News examines the troubling gap between kids and nature.

He was a wounded Marine at the brink of death. That’s when his mother went to war ...

Matt and Tonya Chalfant's Christmas adoption changed the family's perspective of the real meaning of Christmas for many years to come.

Despite his impressive list of accolades, Building 429 lead singer Jason Roy is most amazed at how God has used his music to change the life of his...

Pat Williams shares his game plan for the ultimate mental workout. He says that reading can add years to your life.

Gordon Robertson answers the following "Bring It On" question: When should we allow our children to date?

Charlene Israel reports on the rising trend of unmarried people adopting orphans.

The author discusses his new book, Fearless, and why Jesus calls us to be courageous.

Four months have passed since a student went on a shooting rampage and killed 32 people at Virginia Tech. As the fall semester begins, safety is on...

What's the best way to keep up with your kids without leaving your house? Author Jodie Berndt explains how to pray for the special needs of your...

A new government program to give teen-age girls contraceptives has parents seeing red. Peter Wooding reports from London.

It's been nearly three years since Natalee Holloway was abducted on a high school trip to Aruba. Today, her mother shares how she's finally found...

The sports executive and his country music star daughter talk about their inspiring relationship.

Experts are seeing an increase in the staph infection MRSA among children who participate in sports.

One day the Tills decided to break the cycle by making some courageous changes. You can do it too.