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This could be a very bad season for the flu and many believe that season could start early.

In this Web exclusive, Stran Smith talks about how his relationship with God makes him a better father.

The Finding Grace author shares her story of how a painful legacy of the past can be confronted and met with peace.

My daughter is 15, and we found out that she's seeing a 21-year-old man. This guy's family has been involved with demonology. What should we do?

Former top model Kathy Ireland discusses how she understands and shares the concerns of busy moms and making faith a priority.

Pat Robertson talks with the former Fox News host and mother of eight about proper parenting.

Nebraska lawmakers are expected to officially change the state's safe haven law today, limiting it to infants.

Where did God Come From? How does a parent answer? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Twins and sextuplets -- the stars of TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8" have a lot to tell about endurance and taking on life's challenges.

Author Paul Coughlin talks with Kristi Watts as well as bully victim Nicole Martin and her father about what to do when your child is terrorized at...

The Fox and Friends co-host talks with Tim Branson about the book and being a father.

We often hear about deadbeat dads. Author Gabriel Pelino shines the light on a few dads who are making a difference in their kids’ lives.

What psychologists now realize is that these jam-packed schedules can silence play. This lack of play is stunting emotional, behavioral and even...

Most parents feel anxious about their children and the choices they make. Hal Runkel will tell you what you need to know to stay cool, calm, and...

A new survey shows three out of four high school graduates aren't ready for college even though they've taken the recommended classes. The problem...

The MovieGuide® creator offers practical tools to help protect families from toxic cultural messages.