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One Woman’s Mission to Pray When Others are Asleep

Matt Brown discusses his new book, “Truth Plus Love.”

Author Mark Maxwell Encouragement to Graduates

Charlene and Wendy are joined by 700 Club Co-Host Terry Meeuwsen and CBN Producer Simisola Okai.

Dr. Ronnie Floyd on Praying for the Church and America

Miranda Jones Shares How God Healed Her After Near Deadly Car Accident

Choosing the Meaningful in Life Over the Urgent

Anna Smith of Restore One Discusses Sex Trafficking of Male Victims

Worship Leader Kim Walker Smith Shares Her Testimony of Deliverance From Depression and Suicide.

Christian Singer and Songwriter Matthew West on new theme song for the Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned.’

Prayer Link - March 19, 2019 - Reporter Gary Lane on the Slaughter of Christians in Nigeria

Prayer Link - March 12, 2019 - Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Blasts the Lies That Are Destroying America

Florida Democratic Rep. Kim Daniels discusses her legislation to have Bible classes in public schools. Also – I’ve noticed the titles/descriptions...

Charity Virkler-Kayembe says you can experience angels in your everyday life.

Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnston on Her New Book “Not On My Watch”

The Truth About The Church and Racism


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