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Boise State Broncos safety Marty Tadman won kudos during the 2007 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. But at one time he was so unhappy he was ready to let a train...

This golf pro was headed towards all the trappings of fame, until God showed him how to truly stay on par.

NFL Tennessee Titan's center, Kevin Mawae, speaks with Will Dawson about how God helped him find purpose in the devastating loss of his brother.

In the spring of 2007, at age 59, Mike moved back to Texas to attempt to make the football team of his alma mater, Russ State. He made the team.

China hopes the Games will help transform its international image, but building that reputation has been a challenge.

He's a modern day Rocky with his unbelievable drive and perseverance both in and out of the boxing ring. ESPN Contender Ebo Elder visits The 700 Club...

Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel has led the Buckeyes to nine NCAA Championships, but it's his approach to teaching the game of football that makes...

Watch this exclusive, extended interview with college football coach Bobby Bowden.

From hoop dreams to hip hop, Kent Bryant had it all. But the void he felt inside had him thinking about suicide.

Colts and the Saints players talk to The 700 Club about how there's more to life than winning the big game.

As an NFL linebacker, David puts his relationship with Christ first.

See Shawn Brown's original interview with Michael Oher, the inspiration behind the new film Blind Side.

The baseball legend shares about his abusive past and how Christ gave him a future.

“Love to me was literally a slap in the face.” This WCW wrestler had to learn about grace the hard way.

The New England Patriot long snapper comes to The 700 Club to discuss how his Super Bowl ring has given him a platform to impact lives.

He won the Grand Slam Cup, but at the height of his career, he could not understand why he still wasn't fulfilled.