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The New England Patriot long snapper comes to The 700 Club to discuss how his Super Bowl ring has given him a platform to impact lives.

He won the Grand Slam Cup, but at the height of his career, he could not understand why he still wasn't fulfilled.

Basketball was his strength through college, but drinking and drugs became his weakness.

New Zealand has long been a haven for adrenaline junkies, and recent our own Wendy Griffith who took the plunge.

Shawn Brown sits down to talk to Tony Dungy about his career as an NFL coach and his decision to retire.

Pat discusses investing your life in what matters most when pursuit of fame, money, power, and pleasure fails.

Pittsburgh Steelers defender, Aaron Smith, shares how he went from being an angry child to give his life to Christ.

Charlie Monfort was one of the investors who brought the Colorado Rockies to Major League Baseball. When fame and fortune could no longer fill the...

Major Leage Baseball's Albert Pujols wants the kids who look up to him to look to the one he calls his hero, Jesus Christ.

The Olympics are over, but many Chinese don't see today as the end of the party.

One of the great things about Beijing is its strong international flavor.

Olympic coverage and emphasis on Beijing has given the world a better understanding of China.

Over the past 16 days, the world has been watching China and it has delivered quite a performance.

Beijing’s Hongqiao Market is a great place to find great deals, and hone your shopping techniques.

China has spent more than $50 million to make the Beijing Olympics the most secure in Olympic history.

CBN News Reporter Laura Robertson explains how Chinese nationals feel about the Beijing Olympics in this video blog.