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Retired NFL player Don Davis pursued his NFL career with passion. Today, Don is in pursuit of another goal -- people.

During the late ‘80s, she was Kim Hamilton, a powerhouse gymnast who taught herself how to fly.

During the late ‘80s, she was Kim Hamilton, a powerhouse gymnast who taught herself how to fly.

This skateboarder from California grew up in a broken family. He now influences kids around the world.

He may have been knocked down, but don't count Brent Cooper out. "The Disciple" overcame alcohol and drug abuse to get the boxing deal of a lifetime.

Mark Richt is a big football coach, with an even bigger question. Find out how this Georgia Bulldog met his match.

Lee Webb spent a Saturday afternoon with a college football referee who sees it as his Christian duty to maintain the integrity of the game.

Find out how Brent Cooper, professional boxer and former contestant on the NBC show, The Contender, escaped a knockout punch outside the ring and how...

He was a legend on the air but off the air he was battling alcoholism. See how legendary sports broadcaster Pat Summerall made the comeback of a...

Tag may no longer be "it" on some playgrounds across America. An elementary school south of Boston is banning the game as well as touch football and...

LA Galaxy midfielder Chris Klein shares about some of the milestones in his Major Soccer League career and how God has been his greatest inspiration.

For more than 20 years Ken Shamrock fought in the ring and out for fame, fortune, and respect. But after all the kicks, punches, and submissions, he’...

National champion Kenny Vaughn almost quit waterskiing because he was afraid of failing. Now, he's learning to stand on God's promises.

She's the wife of a star quarterback, but unexpected events thrust Deanna Favre into a spotlight of her own.

Many of the athletes would say it was hard work that has gotten them to the Olympics. But, U.S. speed skater, Derek Parra says it is his faith that...

Author and Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade discusses how sports have influenced America’s greatest leaders.