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A woman recovers from a severe brain injury.

Two young couples navigate life after their spouses pass away

A woman finds a new lease on life after surviving a deadly plane crash.

Discover how runaway slaves found freedom in a swampland.

Spoken Word artist shares how sex nearly destroyed his life.

Pastor Dr. Matthew Stevenson releases a worship album to help people through the pandemic.

Grammy Award-Winning Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae shares what led him into a deep depression and his journey to restoration.

Fame drives the winner of Nigerian Idol to the brink of suicide.

African American Christians voice their frustration and concern with racism in the American Church.

A little boy drowns while on a family vacation, but something miraculous happens when his sister begins to sing.

A woman diagnosed with cancer shares the one thing that carried her through the darkest time of her life.

A woman discovers how to put the pieces of her life back together after being sexually assaulted multiple times.

In a twist of events, a man’s hit list becomes a prayer list.

Comedian, actor, and host of the hit game show, Family Feud, Steve Harvey, share the turning points in his life that propelled him to stardom.

A husband and wife struggle to repair their marriage after a secret affair is revealed.

A couple believes against all odds to have a child.


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