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Waiting for Your Lucky Break in Finances? Try This Instead

Jarrod Anderson - CBN Films Producer/Director
Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Brent and Brenda live in the Pacific Northwest, where they have what many call “the good life”.  They own and operate a successful construction company, and they recently bought a 2400 acre cattle ranch.  

“A lot of people will look at it and say, ‘Oh they just get all the lucky breaks.   They always are in the right place at the right time,” expounds Brent   “And I don’t believe that.”

The truth is, Brent hasn’t always had it easy – nor has his family always gotten the “lucky breaks”.  When the couple were first married, they were counting their pennies, eating ramen noodles, and unable to afford furniture.  Brent says that changed because of his desire to help others around him.

Brenda shares, “Whenever he saw a need, he would give.  I was holding on tighter thinking, ‘We can’t do this.’”

Brent’s mother had taught him the value of giving, especially during financially difficult times.   Brent took that lesson to heart.  And one day when he only had $20 left for gas for the month, he gave ten dollars to a stranger, who’s tank was completely empty.  

Brent explains, “I went home and told Brenda, and I’m thinking, ‘How am I going to get to work.’   Within a couple of days, we got an insurance refund check for like $160.  It was a blessing for giving that lady $10.  And by doing that, I had plenty of gas money to make it to work.”

From then on, Brenda was convinced:  giving was the right thing t do.  Both Brent and Brenda started looking for more opportunities to give, and soon became CBN partners.  

Brenda explains, “Watching the 700 Club and seeing all the good that they do, I just wanted to be a small part of that.   You know, I couldn’t go out there and do it myself, but I sure could help with money. PU everything that we have belongs to God anyway. “

They continued to give, and along the way, they saw their business take off and their income increase.   Then came a test of their faith.

Brent explains, “We had four jobs that, just didn’t go right.  It’s like every corner we turned, we ran into a wall, and then we had one big job that was horrible.”

They got to the edge of their business credit line.  They had no way to pay their overhead and faced the possibility of losing their company, their home, their ranch, and everything else they owned.

“We were shookened to the core, but you know, we didn't waver in our faith,” says Brent.

Brenda adds, “That’s when God put on my heart that we needed to do the wells  when it was really tough.  And I thought now?  So we did it and here we are, you know?  This year is just booming.

Brent adds, “You go out and help other people  and you get rewarded for it.”

Today, Brent and Brenda have five huge contracts and they’re looking forward to a comfortable retirement on their cattle ranch.  They challenge others going through financial trouble to give freely and with expectation, like they do.

“God says to test him in that,” proclaims Brenda.  “God is always faithful.  He’s always there to take care of you.”

Brent concludes, “When you're struggling and you need something, that's probably when you need to – when you need to look at giving more.   It makes God happy.  He likes that.”

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