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When Life is Blown Away

Ken Hulme - 700 Club International Managing Director

When a Category 5 typhoon battered this fishing village in the Philippines, 11-year-old Mylene and her family fled to higher ground to escape the flood waters.

They lost everything in the storm.

"My house was destroyed," Mylene told CBN. "We had to sleep at a friend's house. We didn't have any food to eat."

Mylene's dad Edwin, a fisherman, felt even more desperate when he learned that the boat he had been renting was also destroyed in the storm.

"I went to the next village to go out with other fishermen." Edwin said. "We split the profit. I used my share to build a temporary house for my family. But there was not enough left over for food or another fishing boat."

"He worried a lot about our situation. My mom was anxious because we didn't have enough food to eat," Mylene remembered.

To help Edwin and Mylene, CBN came to the community and helped build a new boat for them and the other fishermen. His first trip out on the water was a big success.

"I caught this huge Blue Marlin and $250! That is enough money to last my family an entire month! I felt so good to bring home the profit to my family," Edwin told CBN.

Little Mylene was proud of her dad too.

"My brother and I are so happy that our dad can go fishing again. We have enough food to eat every day. He's even able to get the things we need for school," she said with a smile.

Now, with money coming in, Edwin was able to finish building the family's new home. And after a good day of fishing, he even donated some money to CBN, so we can continue to help others.

"I have my own boat now because the Lord blessed us through CBN," Edwin told us. "I'm happy to give back because I know they can help more fishermen like me."

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