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When Your Child Lives in Chronic Pain

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Melissa Verwey - 700 Club Producer
Dan Reany - 700 Club Producer

Kidimo lives in a traditional Masaai village. When he turned one, he developed a hernia. For years, his family tried everything to help him, but nothing worked.

His uncle said, “He doesn't play like other children.  He mostly just sits around and rarely eats. At times he fainted because of the pain.”

His family took him to a local hospital where two surgeries were performed, but there was no improvement. After that, they tried to treat him on their own.

CBN Reporter, Dan Reany, said, “All Kidimo’s parents could do in the village was give him traditional medicine that was just tea made from herbs, roots, and tree bark. Sometimes it alleviated his pain just a little bit, but obviously it didn’t do anything to treat his hernia.”

His uncle explained, “Kidimo was getting weaker every day. I lost all hope and thought he was going to die.”

Then the local hospital referred them to African Mission Healthcare, which is supported by CBN. We arranged and paid for Kidimo’s surgery. Soon after his surgery, he felt much better.

“Kidimo is a completely different child now,” said his uncle.  “He plays and eats as much as he wants to. He would have died without your help.  Now he will live and have a good life. I know that God's hand was in this. Thank you CBN for making his body whole again.”

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CBN sponsors medical, dental, and optical missions that treat thousands of patients each month free of charge. Explore the life-changing work of CBN.

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