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Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Is There More Than This?

Founder & Host of the TV show, Discovering the Jewish Jesus, which broadcasts in one hundred million homes in the US and in 200 countries around the world

Creator of the Who Am I? outreach

Author of numerous books

Wife: Cynthia

2 adult children

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Rabbi Kirt Schneider knows that all of us are curious to better understand who we are and our purpose in life. That’s why he created the new witnessing campaign entitled, Who Am I?—three videos asking the following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here? Is there more than this?
  • What’s Next?

This campaign was launched earlier this year in Times Square where Rabbi Schneider and his team hit the streets talking to pedestrians about the true meaning of life. They also utilized an electronic billboard with a Who Am I? promo video in Time Square for one month. The goal of this campaign is to reach people for Jesus via social media.

People are hungry for identity and that is why so many are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to find out their ancestry—where they came from. When they do find out where they came from, many find themselves still searching for meaning. The Who Am I? videos help those who don’t know the Lord and also help Christians who are intimidated about sharing their faith with others because they don’t know where to start. With three short videos on the website www.WhoAmI.com, it makes it easier than ever to click and share.

In 1978, having no concept of or familiarity with Jesus, feeling isolated, unfulfilled and lost, a young Jewish man was suddenly awakened from his sleep. Immediately, a vision appeared to him of Jesus on the cross. “I knew at that instant that Jesus was the answer I had been searching for,” says Messianic Rabbi Kirt Schneider.

For the first time, he began reading the New Testament, devouring every verse; he says: “it was like fire to me.” He became consumed with knowing and experiencing God, the revelation of His Word, and the glory of His Son.

During the past forty years, Rabbi Schneider has committed his life to a passionate pursuit of Jesus and to being used by God for His purpose. Through his years of experience in both personal spiritual warfare and ministry, Rabbi Schneider is equipped to bring to God’s Church deep insight into how to gain power over the realm of darkness and live in victory.

Today Rabbi Schneider hosts the television program, Discovering the Jewish Jesus, which is available seven days a week in more than one hundred million homes in the United States and nearly 200 nations worldwide. Rabbi Schneider brings revelation on how the Old and New Testaments are integrated, teaching personal application that builds faith, changes lives, and instills a greater awareness of God’s love.

Several years ago, God told Rabbi Schneider, “You are an evangelist.” The fulfillment of this calling is evident by the salvation testimonies the ministry receives through its television broadcast and by the thousands of souls saved through on-the-ground outreaches and crusades across Africa and in places like Jerusalem, Israel, Ukraine, and Cuba.

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Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider
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