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"I Wish I Could Give My Daughters My Ears."

Zsa Zsa Palagyi - 700 Club Producer

Ting and Jia are daddy’s girls.

Their father explains, “They’re treasures, like precious pearls to me.”

The sisters dress alike, wear their hair the same, and give their father a lot of attention.  But through the years, they’ve required a lot of attention themselves.  Like their mother, both girls are deaf.

“The doctor said they started losing hearing in their inner-ears when they were young and got the flu,” Mr. Wei says. “And it just got worse and worse.”  

The two were always in danger.

Their dad expounds, “As much as I tried to draw pictures and explain things, they didn’t understand. Once, I heard the sound of firecrackers. Jia had jammed some scissors into an electric kettle and could have been electrocuted. I had to go everywhere with them so they wouldn’t get lost or hit by a car.   And there was only a small window of opportunity to help them before they would be permanently deaf.”

Mr. Wei saved up all his money and bought Ting and Jia second hand hearing aids.  But it wasn’t long before the used hearing aids broke.  So, the girls went back to living in silence.

“Other kids laughed and pointed at them and called them ‘dumb,’” recalls Mr. Wei.  “I secretly wished that I could give them my ears.  Even if each girl only got one.  It would be better than nothing.”

Mr. Wei only makes $15 a day.  So, he asked everyone he knew to loan him money to help his daughters hear. But no-one would.  

He says, “I felt like a fool. I’d heard a little bit about God because my mom is a Christian, so I whispered in my heart, ‘God of heaven, can you help me?’ Then, not even a week later, I heard about CBN.”

Mr. Wei contacted CBN, and soon Ting and Jia got what they call their “new ears!”

Their father exclaims, “Now my daughters can hear everything!”

We also paid for the sisters’ language training.

“They’re not in any danger, and no-one laughs at them.  Their personalities are so different,” reports Mr. Wei.  He concludes, “I know it was God who did this for us.  And it was all right on time.  Thank you to all the good-hearted people at CBN who gave my girls ‘new ears.’ You changed their lives!”

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