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You Are Loved by God

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Author, latest, You Are Beloved, (Thomas Nelson, 2018)

Host, Hour of Power

Pastor (ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America), Shepherd’s Grove Church

Featured on Canada’s 100 Huntley Street and TLC’s The Messengers

BA, Oral Roberts University; M. Div., Fuller Theological Seminary

Married to Hannah

Two children: Haven and Cohen

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Many years ago, Bobby wrote a creed that he lives by called The Creed of the Beloved. He wrote the creed after he read some of the writings of a Catholic priest named Henri Nouwen who died in 1996. Bobby also came across a VHS tape of some sermons Henri Nouwen had preached on Hour of Power. The principles that Henri spoke on were the same that had touched Bobby deeply in his writings: that you are not what you do, you are not what you have, and you are not what people say about you. From his words, Bobby was inspired to write a prayer that ultimately became The Creed of the Beloved. As he began to pray this prayer daily Bobby noticed, “I did better things, became a more moral person and had more spiritual wealth.”

Bobby introduced The Creed of the Beloved to his congregation about five years ago. Each Sunday they say the creed together: “I’m not what I do. I’m not what I have. I’m not what people say about me. I am the beloved of God. It’s who I am. No one can take it from me. I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to hurry. I can trust my friend Jesus and share His love with the world.”

As Bobby became more emotionally alive and connected to others he found meaning in everything. The ministry he was doing - which before had felt forced and exhausting – began giving him new life. He didn’t realize it but most of his life he was totally numb emotionally. As a kid he learned being tough was a great way to avoid being hurt. He never cried. His emotional numbness continued as an adult. Although he was happily married to Hannah he would often get hints from her that she needed more from him. She needed a deeper connection with him. In fact, most friends and family felt they were not getting the real Bobby. He met a friend, Bill Gaultiere, who was twenty years older than Bobby. Bill invited Bobby to pray with him and go on walks. Over time Bill began to show Bobby how to be vulnerable with Hannah and other people in his life. Bobby began to realize he was getting free therapy from Bill who was a clinical psychologist. One night while driving home with Hannah, Bobby began to share a story that started out fun, but ended with an expletive that was shouted at him by an extended family member as a kid. As he told the story he went from laughing to sad. He began to weep. “I’ve never cried so hard in my life,” shares Bobby. He realized that on the surface although he could act tough, confident and dignified but somewhere deep inside was the hidden feeling that he was worthless. That year, he stepped into a new experience with God and people that has been the greatest source of energy and joy in his life.

Bobby says God wants you to know you are His beloved child. He wants you to be in close relationship with Him and He wants you to trust Him. When Bobby was finishing high school, he had a dream to go on a mission trip to Russia. He heard about a summer-long trip to St. Petersburg where Christian teens would work at an orphanage. The problem was the trip was $3,800. Since he didn’t have the money, Bobby decided if God wanted him to go then He would make it possible. Bobby did everything he could think of to raise money for the trip. He washed cars, worked at the church campground and even went door to door in his neighborhood. By the last week he had scraped together a thousand dollars which was still a long way from his goal. He felt hopeless. Then out of the blue envelopes with cash began to arrive in his mailbox. They were addressed to him but did not include a note. He learned his mother had sent out hundreds of graduation announcements to friends and family. The cash Bobby received helped him reach his goal for the mission trip. His time in Russia changed his life and helped to prepare him for ministry.

In order for you to connect deeply with God and other believers He wants you to remove many of the lies of the enemy. By doing so you can tap into the godly energy, joy, life and power found in the kingdom of God. Bobby says know your true identity by realizing the following:

  • You Are Not What Others Say - Words have power, but life is too good to spend even one day being offended by what others say. Don’t meditate on the negative. Meditate on the Bible and the Word of God in our hearts so you can begin to form a new identity. Believe what God says over you and not what the world says.
  • You Are Not Your Stuff - Our greatest treasure is found above, not in the stuff that we have. You are God’s treasure and He will provide everything you need. Be generous with your money, your words, your time because it invites God blessings into your life.
  • ou Don’t Need to Worry – Worry keeps you from focusing on projects in life that give you joy and passion. Train your mind to relax. Take every thought captive. Whatever you worry about give it to God in prayer. Realign your thoughts with scripture. Act on faith and not fear.
  • You Don’t Need to Hurry – Your soul can’t be nourished or joyful when hurried. Hurrying doesn’t make you faster it makes you clumsy. Slow down your pace, put down your phone and experience new things which can be as simple as a beautiful flower, a new route to work, or meeting someone new in the workplace. Going through life unhurried will cause you to be less stressed and experience life longer and deeper.

Bobby is the son of renowned pastor Robert A. Schuller, and the grandson of internationally known minister Robert H. Schuller. Robert H. Schuller was the founder of the Crystal Cathedral and the Hour of Power. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he is now the lead pastor for the Hour of Power, a well-known weekly-televised church service to millions around the world which has been running since 1970. He is also the pastor of Shepherd’s Grove church (formerly known as the Crystal Cathedral, which changed its name after moving to its new campus at the previous location of St. Callistus' Catholic Church on July 7, 2013). The Hour of Power is gaining viewership at a swift pace. “The goal of our program is to provide spiritual principles and practices that can help people, as they become happy students of Jesus, live a life of meaning,” says Bobby.

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