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You Helped Them When Their Pantry Was Bare  

Athens, AL

The worldwide pandemic has been tough on everyone, but as she recovers from breast cancer surgery, it’s even harder for Victoria Burks and her husband.

Victoria explains, “With him, he lost his job around April, so we’ve been out, both of us, with no job.”

As a result, their food was running out fast.

Victoria said, “Cupboards was getting a little low and there's nothing you can do when you can't work. It hurts. It makes you want to cry. Frustrated. You get to the point you don't know where to turn, so you have to–have to look for somewhere to help.”

Then Victoria found the One Generation Away food distribution. The ministry partners with Operation Blessing to help struggling families in northern Alabama.

“There comes a time in life that we all need each other. We can’t make it in this world without each other,” said Victoria. “It feels good to see people out helping.”

Operation Blessing partners are helping feed families across the country, and around the world.

Victoria said, “Thank you for helping us when we need it. It’s a good feeling to know that someone cares.”

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