• Rusty turned his back on God, got addicted to drugs, and sent to jail. Then, when he thought he'd lost everything, an old man noticed him. 

  • Roberto lives with his mom and three siblings in Peru. But they struggled to find a safe home to live in. One nearly collapsed. Another was prone to...

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1,839 Soldiers in 5 Months: 'A Great Move of God' in Missouri as Record…

A US Army Chaplain says a revival is taking place on the base of Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. Since March nearly 2,000 troops have reportedly...


Colorado Defies Supreme Court Ruling, Punishing Christian Baker Jack…

Colorado baker Jack Phillips is being targeted for his faith yet again – this time for refusing to bake a cake to celebrate a gender transition.

Setback for US Pastor Brunson as Turkey Retaliates Against Trump

American pastor Andrew Brunson has received another setback as he remains detained by the regime in Turkey.  

  • This is one simple area of life that can yield incredible benefits for you and your family.

  • Much has been said about gender confusion, but there is another issue that can be the culprit for confusion at many levels - identify confusion.

  • A housing allowance is one of the best financial benefits of being a pastor, but there are things you need to know!

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Psalms 92:14, NLT - Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.

Marha watched in horror as bombs shattered her home in Syria. In another blast she lost her cousin, and her brother was so heartbroken he took his...

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