• Gladys West’s hard work and dedication helped her rise from being a poor farm girl to creating astronautical equations that would lead to the...

  • With only months to live, Merilee held on to scriptures and prayer...with a miraculous outcome.

  • Pat Robertson gives you the biblical tools you need to move from worry and fear to peace and security. Get this powerful DVD, The I Wills of God...

Why the Founding Fathers Were Probably Smarter Than We Are

So much of America's history is founded and steeped in Christianity, but that's been deleted by many schools — today's school children are worse off...

Israel Uses Engineering Innovation to Save a Shrinking Sea of Galilee

Israel is having a rainy winter and there's snow on Mount Hermon but the country is still suffering from a water shortage after five years of drought...

Setting tires on fire, Photo, CBN News

Riots on Gaza Border Wounds Israeli Soldier, IDF Takes Out Two Hamas…

Israel's Defense Force struck multiple Hamas targets Sunday after violent riots erupted on the Gazan border. 

  • While some critics will see Run the Race as just another athletically themed film rooted in gridiron glory it really is much more than that....

  • If we seek God's guidance, He will direct our parenting.

  • There are trinities in nature. Light can be divided into three primary colors; yet light is one.

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The God of a Second Chance

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Mark 1:4, NLT - This messenger was John the Baptist. He was in the wilderness and preached that people should be baptized to show that they had repented of their sins and turned to God to be forgiven.

As twins, Yah Yue and Yah Fe have both had heart complications. The Lees knew Yah Fe needed heart surgery to survive.

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