• After Michael's parents divorced, he felt free to live however he pleased. But when the responsibilities of a teenage pregnancy drove him into...

  • Families of Emmanuel AME Church respond to Dylann Roof, charged with murder in the mass church shooting in Charleston, SC. 

  • Author and speaker Vicki Rose discusses how her marriage fell apart and why she chose to stay despite having every reason to walk out. 

A Tale of 2 Parties: Dems Plagued by Division as GOP Unites Behind Trump 

It's a tale of two parties. Conservatives are largely supporting President Trump's goals for America. But many progressive Democrats are very unhappy...

Punishing Buyers of Sex - Not Victims

Stopping the Sex Trade, One Buyer at a Time

Across the country more than 1,000 towns and counties are stepping up tactics to deter men who buy sex. They include seizing vehicles, community...

Rasmeah Yousef Odeh, Photo Facebook

Convicted Palestinian Murderer Helps Lead US Anti-Trump Movement

A Palestinian Arab terrorist convicted of murdering two Israeli university students is one of the leaders of the feminist protest movement against U....

  • The Avatar actor shares his take on William Paul Young's controversial story and what he hopes audiences will glean from the new movie.

  • satan-hell-bible

    The Devil’s 12 Step Program

    The devil absolutely loves it when people don’t acknowledge they have problems. He delights in suffering when people mistreat others and seek to...

  • In her latest book, Total Family Makeover, author Melissa Spoelstra identifies eight key habits of personal spiritual growth that is critically...

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Mark 6:12, NLT - So the disciples went out, telling everyone they met to repent of their sins and turn to God.

Zulfikar’s mom is going blind from cataracts she had as a child. The young child’s eyes are showing the same condition. Surgery would cost thousands...

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