• Dr. Paul Osteen and Dr. Keir Thelander discuss providing medical ministry in sub Saharan Africa, and training local people in medicine and ministry....

  • In the winter of 1914, countless soldiers on both sides spent Christmas in trenches. The artillery fell silent through Christmas night and became...

  • Get CBN's new Christmas documentary DVD and special CD recording of A Christmas Carol by Pat Robertson.

Apple's CEO Promises to Discriminate Against Views He Doesn't Like - That…

If Apple doesn't like your type of speech or news content, they will ban it. That's what Apple's CEO Tim Cook recently told the liberal Anti-...

Terrorist Shouted 'Allah Is Great!' in Deadly Christmas Market Attack

A manhunt is underway in France for a gunman who opened fire on the popular Christmas market in Strasbourg near the border with Germany. The suspect...

Qasr al Yahud, Baptismal Site on the Jordan River, Photo, CBN News

Israel Demines Land Near Where Jesus Was Baptized

Access to the churches near the Qasr al Yahud baptismal site on the Jordan River will be accessible once again.

  • willis-shine1_si.png

    Light Shine Bright

    Where do you put the light God has placed in you?

  • Is your teen a “worry wart” or on edge when there is nothing to warrant such apprehension? If he or she is exhibiting restlessness, fatigue and...

  • “Busyness… can be a way to avoid God, the meaning of life, and life itself.” –Sidney Macaulay

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Shadow and Light

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Hosea 14:7, NLT - "My people will again live under my shade. They will flourish like grain and blossom like grapevines. They will be as fragrant as the wines of Lebanon."

CBN.com —Only twenty families live in the remote village in Cambodia where baby Ang was born.  The child was born with a cleft lip.   “Our...

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