Zoltan Gera

'For God, Nothing Is Impossible': God Takes Teen from Dead-End Life to…

This is a story of wasted youth and a dead-end life suddenly transformed by the power of God. It's about a troubled teen whose only dream was to...

Cell Biologist: Let's Replace Darwin by Studying DNA and Genetics

One Harvard-trained cell biologist is going against the grain with his new findings that he says debunk the Darwin myth.  

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin Address Christian Media Summit, Photo, CBN News

Christian Media Should 'Tell the Truth' in an Age of 'Fake News'

In what some are calling a turning point in Israeli-Christian relations, Israel's government invited Christian journalists to Jerusalem and rolled...

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    Keep Track of Positive Changes

    We could all benefit from a tangible visual reminder of what the Lord has done and when He did it.

  • Praying family

    Teaching Kids What It Means to Be a Christian

    We are all the hands and feet of Christ on this earth. Let’s live amongst our neighbors as He would.

  • Husband and wife authors Deb and Ron DeArmond want to give you permission to fight it out.  In their new book Don’t Go to Bed Angry, Stay Up and...

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Temporary Insanity

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Jeremiah 2:11, NLT - Has any nation ever traded its gods for new ones, even though they are not gods at all? Yet my people have exchanged their glorious God for worthless idols!

At an early age Quan Shou lost both parents to health complications. So he decided to honor them by helping the sick. The boy’s plans were shattered...

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