Kevin LeVar: Finding Hope in Love

Kevin says the Lord spoke to him and said, “Give me your heart.  Trust me with your heart.  And then I’ll make sure that the person who I give it to is trustworthy. Kevin began to pray and out of his prayer, God began to give him instructions.

There was a bit of fear that I don't know if I can handle somebody seeing me, all of me, as I am, because I'm not sure if I like all of me yet, says Kevin. If you just trust God, He'll lead you. It takes away the fear factor because God is must wiser. He knows all. As a result, Kevin says God revealed his wife and it was beautiful. It happened so fast. God got us together so fast. We got engaged and four months later we were married.

On December 17, 2010 Kevin married his longtime manager, Shondale Bostick. Kevin worked with Shondale for twelve years before God revealed this would be his wife. The couple are thankful that God kept them pure in their relationship. Kevin admits to dating and trying to find the right one, but ultimately leaving the decision up to God. He read the Bible and kept his mind focused on the Lord which kept him from hanging around the wrong people. He says,”It wasn’t easy, but it is best to wait on God.” Kevin desires to live out a true representation of holiness. He remained celibate for 15 years before he married Shondale.

Shondale wanted Kevin to write a song for their wedding. He prayed a few months prior to their wedding and asked God for a song. The Lord was faithful. Kevin composed and sang “We’re Just Getting Started” to his new bride. When she walked down the aisle she heard the song for the first time. He has since recorded the song and made it available on iTunes. Kevin’s parents and Shondale’s parents knew each other for many years. In fact, Kevin’s mom was in his mother-in-law’s wedding.
Kevin grew up in Washington DC the son of a policeman and pastor. Although he was raised in the church he says the church wasn’t in him. Kevin went to church because his parents told him to and got saved every Sunday. Meanwhile he was out doing things he had no business doing. As a teenager, Kevin was a founding member of a local DC R&B group named “Smooth and Subtle.” His rebellious lifestyle of promiscuity and disrespect led him away from a Christian life until he experienced his own “Road to Damascus Moment.” Kevin heard the Lord say to him, “Enough is enough.” Kevin realized he was at a crossroads and did not want to continue down the wrong path so he asked the Lord for help. At eighteen, he committed his heart to the Lord and began serving God. Kevin began reaching out to his peers who were still living a rebellious lifestyle. He eventually left the group, but continued to write music.

At twenty years old Kevin was at a church service plucking away at the piano. He had always wanted to play. He felt the Lord tell him to ask the evangelist to pray for him to play the piano. Although he felt it was ridiculous Kevin said, “I don’t have anything to lose.” Before the evangelist left town he anointed Kevin and prayed for him to be able to play the piano. Then he told Kevin to “watch out.” After just four months people who heard him play the piano thought he must have played for years. Kevin soon found himself in the studio. He penned and performed songs such as "Everything He Promised" with Dorinda Clark-Cole on her project The Rose of Gospel and “Amazing God" with Stellar Award nominee Pastor William Murphy on his CD The Sound. Kevin also sang lead solos on Grammy nominee Myrna Summers’ His Mercy Endureth Forever.

As a worship artist Kevin’s desire is to have a heart for others. “God loves people more than anything,” shares Kevin. His ministry has touched many audiences domestically and internationally. Kevin's first single, "You Are Not Alone" from his debut project "Let's Come Together" was written to encourage families impacted by the VA Tech shootings. The song and video shot to #1 on Gospel Music Channel and earned a 2009 Gospel Music Channel Video Award "Best Video" nomination. Likewise, his single 'A Heart That Forgives" also peaked as #1 and earned a 2010"Best Video" nomination.

Kevin's writing abilities have extended beyond music composition. Kevin has authored the book, 'Destiny's Bridge,' where he challenges his readers to dare to believe God. Kevin’s newest CD/DVD project, Destiny, is scheduled to be released this summer.