Martha VanCamp

Martha VanCamp was overweight all her life. At age 40, and 250 pounds, she realized something had to change. By eliminating processed foods and starting an exercise regimen, Martha was able to shed 100 pounds. She shares how she did it with CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson.

Family health

It's a fact: Becoming a parent makes you fat. Both moms and dads gain an average of three to five pounds every year. But nutrition expert and bestselling author Mark MacDonald says you can reverse the trend and gain control instead of gaining weight.

Gut flora

In the next 18 minutes, four Americans will die from the foods they eat.  A poor diet can lead to just about every health problem imaginable. Dr. David Perlmutter's new book, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, shows you how to boost brain performance, lose weight and achieve optimal health.