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Donald Trump will win the GOP version of, “Celebrity Apprentice. When all is said and done, he will have beaten all the other contestants. Meanwhile, the GOP Establishment is the winner of, “The Biggest Loser.” So for all you GOP establishment and “Never Trump” folks, please repeat after me: “Donald Trump is going to be the GOP presidential nominee.” One more time in case you think this is a nightmare. “Donald Trump is going to be the GOP presidential nominee.”
Really, in the end this was a no-brainer for Mike Pence. The Indiana Governor’s announcement today that he’s endorsing Ted Cruz makes perfect sense on so many different levels. First of all, Pence and Cruz are both solid constitutional conservatives. Do they have a few differences? Sure, but those are on the margins. Pence’s views line up nicely with how Cruz sees the world. As two born-again evangelicals, they see the world through a biblical prism. Their worldviews are identical in nature.
The Cruz campaign is proud to announce the birth of, “Cruzorina.” Born at 4pm ET on Wednesday April 27th. Honestly, I feel like I’m living in The Twilight Zone.” It’s like this presidential campaign has morphed into an alternate universe where you’re never quite sure what’s reality or what’s fiction. So let me get this straight: Carly Fiorina is Ted Cruz’s VP choice even though he has been mathematically eliminated from contention? What’s coming next? Will John Kasich announce his White House Chief of Staff?
Ken Cuccinelli, the man who runs Ted Cruz’s delegate operation tells The Brody File that Donald Trump is, “the biggest whiner in American political history…because he’s getting outworked and getting his butt whipped in all these contests.” Strong words. Watch the video and transcription below. The Brody File crew did this interview with Cuccinelli Wednesday at Cruz’s national campaign headquarters in Houston.
So what’s the impact of Ted Cruz picking Carly Fiorina as his VP choice even though he may never win the GOP nomination? The Brody File has analysis from Houston Texas.   .
Donald Trump’s extraordinary Tuesday evening in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware got me thinking: if this GOP presidential process were a prizefight, the referee would have stopped it last night.  The announcer would have exclaimed, “ Donald Trump, winner by knockout.”