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The Brody File explains the interesting dynamic that will be on display between Reince Priebus and Steve Bannnon within the Trump White House. Yes, the Trump White House. Let it marinate. 
Donald Trump would never have become president of the United States if evangelicals didn’t support him in record numbers.  
GOP VP Nominee Mike Pence tells my colleague Jenna Browder that he doesn't expect there to be riots in the street after the election results are in Tuesday night.This interview was done Friday afternoon in Greenville North Carolina aboard his campaign bus.  MANDATORY COURTESY: CBN NEWS/ THE BRODY FILE
Mike Pence says that Hillary Clinton is running a campaign full of insults in his latest interview with Jenna Browder. 
The Brody File provides analysis from D.C. on the latest fallout from the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server.    
Both liberals and “Never Trump” conservatives will write plenty of critical articles about the GOP Presidential Nominee but let’s point out one key quality he has in spades that nobody else had this presidential cycle: gut instinct and the ability to brand it effectively.