How God Performed A Life-Changing Miracle for An Entire Chinese Family 


The world's most populist nation is facing an abandoned baby crisis as more parents in China walk away from children born with physical disabilities.

One Chinese couple, however, saved a child and called on God to do a miracle.

For seven years, Fu Chun Zhi and his wife, Xiao Li, tried to conceive a child.

Finally, in 2011, they decided to adopt an abandoned baby and the Christian couple was thrilled when they found the perfect baby at a local orphanage. 

"As soon as we got the phone call, we were so happy. My wife and I couldn't wait to see this baby," Zhi said.
"We have been waiting for this day forever!"

In the midst of their happiness, they received disappointing news.

The baby that they thought has been perfect was born with a small tumor in his mouth and was not able to eat and drink.

"We didn't know what to do. We wanted to keep the baby; meanwhile, the cost for the surgery was so expensive. We were heart- broken. We lost hope and direction," Zhi said.

Church leaders felt compassion towards the couple.

"These church members went through a tough time, they didn't ask for anything, except for prayers and guidance. So, I invited all Christians to pray for a miracle," Pastor Kate Gu told CBN News.

Half a world away, Americans Audrey and Rob Post heard about the Chinese family's challenge. A church member shared the story and asked them to pray. The couple remained faithful, believing God would answer their prayers. 

"My husband and I always know the Lord can do miracles. Jesus answered prayers many times in our life. And we believe that nothing is too difficult for the Lord," Audrey Post said.

Other Christians also prayed for Zhi, his wife, and their baby. Although nothing was changing, they still believed God could work a miracle.  

"God's favor will show up when we are down to nothing. Just because they didn't see a way, it certainly didn't mean God was not working behind the scenes," Gu said. "I told the couple to remain faithful and be patient."

One day, Zhi and Xiao Li saw the baby just spit something out of his mouth. They took a closer look and discovered that it was the tumor that been lodged the child's mouth.  It brought the couple to tears.

"It's a miracle!!! Only Jesus could do such an unthinkable miracle," Zhi said. "When all Christians come and pray together, we can move mountains!"

Not only did God give an abandoned child a new home, but he also performed a life-changing miracle for an entire Chinese family.  


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