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Pro Skater Turned Evangelist Reaching His Country for Christ


SOFIA, Bulgaria – One of the most famous names in Bulgaria's skateboarding scene is shaking up the industry as a Christian pro skateboarder. 

Vladimir Ivanov started skating when he was 15 years old. 

"The Skate Shop had a tour in my home city, so they saw me," says Ivanov. "I did some interesting tricks over there, and they invited me to the team. For me, that was a dream come true." 

However, he soon fell into a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. That's when he says a friend invited him to church. 

"We were on the worship," says Ivanov. "And I don't know why but I'm crying like a baby... I'm sure it was the love of Jesus Christ." 

Now, he's going on Christian skating tours to share the gospel with skaters all around Bulgaria. 

"We just skate with the homies and have some gifts for them," he says. "Before we give them a gift we just tell them why we do this because we love Jesus." 

Ivanov's fiancée, Debora Petkova, has been witnessing the impact firsthand. 

"It's a big thing," says Petkova. "Because they know him... So every word that comes out of his mouth is really important because it's bringing such a big impact in their lives." 

Ivanov just accepted the position of youth pastor at one of Sofia's evangelical churches, Zoe, and is working with his sponsors to do more outreach within the skating scene. 

Miranda Leah is currently on the World Race, an 11-month mission trip to 11 different countries.

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