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Sadie Robertson Confesses her Celebrity Crush on Justin Bieber


Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is a confirmed "Belieber" now that Justin Bieber is publicly taking steps to get closer to God.

Bieber is spotted often at Hillsong New York and HIllsong Beverly Hills. He is also known to occasionally turn his concert stage into a pulpit by singing worship songs and encouraging others to trust God in times of need or tragedy. 

"Now that Justin Bieber is going to all these Christian conferences, I'm like hit me up Biebs," Roberston revealed  during an interview with E!.

However, Robertson has some requirements before she considers starting a serious relationship with the Justin Bieber.

"I'm looking for somebody who really just loves the person I am, and not who I am with the public. I want somebody who calls me and is with me, and I can literally show up at their house with a bun on top of the head, no makeup, sweatpants, sweatshirt," she told "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview. "I want somebody I can just go play tennis with, because this life is not normal that I'm living right now. I want somebody I can just be normal with."

Robertson split up her boyfriend Blake Howard after dating for two years. She says their relationship was unhealthy. 

"We created this false love for ourselves," Robertson wrote on her blog LiveOriginal.com, saying they "fought like cats and dogs."

Now, she is helping fans avoid making the same mistakes she did. 

"Although it is normalized in our society, I want you to know that fear, jealousy, pain, selfishness, impurity, manipulation and degrading comments are all UNHEALTHY components in a relationship and should not be considered normal," she shared.

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