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'Kindness Always Wins': Candace Cameron Bure Shares Key to Winning Over Unbelievers

Candace Cameron Bure

Christian Hollywood actress Candace Cameron Bure is sharing a simple key to winning that hard-to-love person in your life.

"Kindness always wins," the "Fuller House" actress told Matthew Faraci, the host of The Dove Channel's original series "Frankly Faraci."

"No matter what, kindness wins. It doesn't mean backing down; there's a difference. I can stand my ground and keep the love and be kind," she added. 

The Hollywood veteran knows a thing or two about dealing with some "tough" personalities.  

Bure openly shared her faith and conservative views on the daytime talks show, The View, despite pushback from liberal co-hosts like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

"I didn't realize I had such a voice," she said of her time on the show. 

"I still laugh to this day - how did I get that seat? I just try to be me...yet I didn't realize that being vocal about my faith in Hollywood would really ultimately get me that seat at The View, because I wasn't looking to take that seat," she added. "It certainly grew me in ways that I never expected in my career and as a person and to really be able to sit there with four other people that would disagree with me 99% of the time and not be hurt by that or take that personally."

Bure said her ultimate goal is to be a bridge builder in Hollywood, where the Christian faith often seems to be at odds with conservative values. 

"I'm trying to be a bridge builder," she said. "Because I think that both sides can get misunderstood because we always see the worst of people on either side...and I don't think the majority of people are really like that....let's just hear each other out and talk and try to understand each other in a nice and kind and respectful way."

Bure said it is important to never lose sight of being compassionate and understanding because it is part of the key of winning people to Christ. 

"I feel like Christians, we have to stop proving it," she said. "God's already done that, and God can do that with that person when they need to, but it's not our job to force a person to change and understand."

"That's the Holy Spirit's job, not ours," Bure continued. "So, when you take down that defensive wall of, 'I have to convince this person and they have to think like me,' I find that taking that wall down is through compassion."


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