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Apple Store Creator Credits Faith for Brand's Success


Apple Stores are iconic in their design, and the creator of the famous electronics centers credits his faith with the brand's success.

In an interview on the Dove Channel's Frankly Faraci program, store creator Ron Johnson said the "Golden Rule" guides his design and daily work. 

Johnson said, "My favorite verse is Mark 12:31, 'Love your neighbor as yourself'." 

"Your neighbor is the people who are in your path, who you work with. It's your customers, it's your business partners. So, if you're trying to honor that, how do you love your neighbor? You gotta do it in work, through work, and so that's what I always tried to do. And so, how do you love somebody through work? That's what the Apple Store is all about." 

"There's two things people want in stores. At times you want convenience, and at times you want an experience. Stores have to deliver one or the other, and I've always been one who votes for experience, and that goes back to my faith because I really believe the art of life is a human connection."

In his appearance on Frankly Faraci, Johnson also discussed his friendship and work with the former chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs. 

Johnson shared, "Steve was a very private person, but boy the light of God burned inside of him big time. He had a passion for customers, for products, for life, for his family, for the ones he was closest to, that I think is pretty unmatched."

Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976. He left the company in 1985, and went on to launch Pixar Animation Studios. 

He returned to Apple more than ten years later. But died in 2011, following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Johnson said he and Jobs did have a conversation about eternity before his passing. 

Johnson said, "Steve and I didn't talk about a lot, but I remember when he first had cancer. We had a long phone call about faith and what it meant to me. What it could mean to him."

"And my only advice was very simple, Steve for a person as smart as you are, you ought to take some time to think about this issue of eternity, is it there or not. And how do you think about it. Just don't take it for granted." 

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