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'I Got to Talk About Jesus': Carl Lentz Tells Studio 5 the 'Logic' Behind His Controversial Abortion Comments


Carl Lentz was recently a guest on ABC's "The View," and during his interview, the Hillsong Pastor was asked about abortion. His response didn't go over well with some people.
He was asked by co-host Joy Behar, "So, it's not a sin in your church to have an abortion?" 

Lentz responded saying, "God's the judge, people have to live with their own convictions." 

He added, "I'm trying to teach people who Jesus is first, and find out their story. Before I start picking and choosing what I think is sin in your life, I'd like to know your name."

Lentz, who recently authored Own the Moment, explained the reason behind his answer in a recent interview with Studio 5. 

"The woman who asked me the question is not a Christian, so the logical move is to ask somebody who God is. If we talk about sin without establishing what sin is and who establishes what sin is, to me this is nonsensical," said Lentz.

He added, "She's pro-choice, pro-everything probably I'm against. By not giving her what she wanted, it actually of took some of the directional control from her in that moment."

"What was funny to me about that was I got to talk about Jesus. And it wasn't good enough for some people claiming to follow him. So, for me, I'm okay with that," he said. 

"I also have women in that audience and on the streets of New York that I'm more passionate about than pleasing people who say they're Christians and took issue with what I said. That's their right to take issue. It's my right to keep on being in positions to say what we feel is best." 

He added, "And for those who are genuinely confused by that - I did my best to clarify that, but you can't really try to lead people if you're going to think about opinion first. Our thing is going to be Gospel first, what does God call us to do right now." 

Lentz continued, "We're also under no obligation to say anything, and people forget that. I think our goal is to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and we'll have opportunities in the future. And who knows the way we'll handle it. But that's why that particular moment went down like that because I knew I wouldn't have time and context to really be different than everybody else up there talking about sin."

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