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Candace Cameron Bure is Back on 'The View' Talking Pet Snakes and Her New Book

Candace Cameron Bure

A new fun fact about Christian actress, Candace Cameron Bure--she used to take naps with her families pet snakes.

Back on the set of The View to talk about her new book, Kind Is The New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously, Bure was asked to explain a family picture with a snake in it.

"So we had two Burmese pythons that were 10 and 12 feet and lots of boa constrictors...I used to take naps with them, so I can understand the snake massage because they're really smooth," she told the hosts of The View. 

The conversation then switched to Bure's book, which actually starts off with an example from her time as a co-host of The View and what she considered one of her "hardest days." 

The news was coming in of the San Bernardino attack--happening nearby where her children were in school.

"Their schools were on lockdown and I felt so far away. I felt like I was helpless because I couldn't be with them and I was crying, I didn't know how to really cope with it. I was in my closet with the door shut, curled in a ball, crying and praying because I thought, 'I have to go on live television in 20 minutes and I don't know how I'm going to make it through,'" Bure explained.

"There was this very persistent knock at the door, that I was hoping would go away, and it didn't and when I opened the door it was Whoopi," Bure said turning to Goldberg.

"You just stood there and asked if you could come in, and I said 'yes,' and you just went, 'come here, come here,' and I hugged you and you hugged me and I cried into your shoulder and you didn't let me go which made me feel even more incredible, because you were mama bear protecting me. You said, 'I'm not going to let you fail or fall out there, you just speak from the heart today and I got you,'" Bure recalled.



She said that if she's ever in a hard situation with someone else, she will remember that kindness and its ripple effect, which is what her book is all about.

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