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Newsboys United, DC Talk & TobyMac! Is the Biggest Christian Band Reunion of All Time About to Happen?


The musicians that make up the original Newsboys and the newer version of the band have all come together as one for a Newboys United tour, and now their leader is even talking about adding a DC Talk reunion to the mix.

The Christian group, originally from Australia, has been making music for nearly 30 years even as band members have come and gone. 

Former DC Talk member Michael Tait took over as the Newsboys' frontman in 2009 when the band's leader Peter Furler stepped down from touring. 

The latest tour includes both frontmen, along with other former and current band members all together on the same stage. 

CBN News' Studio 5 caught up with the Newsboys in Nashville to talk about their current project and how the group has managed to stay relevant for three decades. 

"I think the simple fact that we've been around for a while means that you know, back when Pete and Phil were in the band, they were teenagers, young adults and now they're married and they're having kids, so I think we see often two and three generations of families coming and enjoying a Newsboys show," said Duncan Philips.  

"It goes back even further than that," added band member Jody Davis. "The parents who brought their kids, now their grandparents or even great-grandparents still enjoy coming to the shows."

Last year, Tait reunited with TobyMac and Kevin Max for a DC Talk "Jesus Freak Cruise." Now Tait is also dropping hints about a possible tour uniting both bands.

"I was on a text thread yesterday with Dan and Toby, we were talking about the next cruise, which will be in about 2019, a big cruise thing. I was like, it's time for a new DC Talk, TobyMac, Newsboys, full-on arena run," Tait said. 

The current Newsboys United tour continues through the end of March. 

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