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Can Your Body Heal Itself? The Biblical Key to Complete Healing and Wholeness


What if your body could heal itself and prevent future diseases from ever happening?

That's exactly what one man believes and he says it's all a part of God's design. 

Damon Davis, CEO of Legacy Worldwide, talks about how our bodies were created to heal themselves and beat generational diseases in his book God Cures

"People are at three places in their life and they don't know it. They're either sick, diseased, or dying," Davis told CBN News in an interview about his book. 

Davis is no stranger to disease himself. He was diagnosed with autoimmune disorders in his thirties and comes from a long line of men who died in their fifties from heart failure. 

Even though the odds are stacked against Davis, he lives a healthy life now. 

"My story is unique because, as I profile in my book, I discovered what makes man sick and I have discovered what we can do to get well," he said. "God created our bodies designed to heal themselves."

Davis believes the secret is to align our body, spirit, and mind. 

"We were created triune man in the image of a triune God – the spirit, soul, and body," he explained. "Those three parts can get out of alignment. When they move out of alignment they move out of harmony."

"We have a biological order. Our bodies function a certain way. And when we get out of alignment, our spirit, soul, and body are in disarray and chaos, then in time it will take its toll," Davis said. 

He believes sickness and disease is more than just uncomfortable parts of life, they're part of spiritual warfare too. 

"All of us were created as sons and daughters of the Most High King," he said. "We were put here with a purpose. God placed in our heart destiny and we have a calling...a gift to unleash on the world and the enemy would like nothing more than to see that from happening."

Davis' book is more than just about achieving health, but overall balance and wholeness through God's design.
"I am here to celebrate that God cures and I am here to tell the world about it," he said. 

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