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Groundbreaking Surgical Procedure on Amputee Allows Patient to Feel Through Artificial Prosthetic

(Image courtesy: Motherboard)
(Image courtesy: Motherboard)

There's new hope for those who lose limbs in combat, in accidents, and at birth. An Ohio doctor performed groundbreaking surgery that caused his patient to become the most advanced amputee in the world. 

Dr. Ajay Seth had to amputate his patient's arm. In its place, she now has an artificial one that, believe it or not, allows his patient to feel.  
She feels hot or cold, can grasp a Styrofoam cup and can even feel her husband's touch when holding his hand.  

Dr. Seth recently told CBN News' Lorie Johnson all glory belongs to God.

"There's so many instances of where a physician gives you statistics on research," Dr. Seth continued. "You hear people say, 'Well, they have this type of cancer. The doctor said they have three months to live.'  And three years later, that person is still here. In science, we always want to give justification on how it happened."

Seth explained that as a physician, all you think of is helping your patient. 

"And everybody's like 'God, help me figure this out,'" he said. "Then one day I sat back and started looking at everything that happened.  And that's where you see that faith and science came together."

"There's no way that I'm this phenomenal surgeon who could accomplish putting nerves together and making her feel," Seth noted.  "It's almost as if we got her to a certain point and then the faith-based portion took over, who had been leading us and now I will finish this journey for you."

The entire story is documented in Seth's new book Rewired.

Watch Johnson's entire interview with Dr. Seth at 9:30 pm Eastern Time Tuesday only on the CBN News Channel

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