Daily 'Selfie' Project Shows Aging Face over 30 Years


While the popularity of taking "selfies" has recently become a world-wide phenomenon, one man was about 27 years ahead of the curve.

Karl Baden is a photography professor at Boston College. In 1987, he began taking pictures of himself every day as a part of a project studying how a human face changes over time.

Baden started the project when he was 34, almost 30 years ago. He's now 61-years-old.

He has used the same camera and same pose for every photo. His goal is to keep everything the same to document how his skin ages.

"It is a project where I am interested in what happens to my face and flesh over a period of time which in this case is the better part of a lifetime," Baden said.

He said he plans to still continue to snap a daily selfie. Baden has only missed one day during the entire project, in 1991. he said "he just forgot to do it."

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