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Three-time Olympic gold medalist wants to see every child in America learn to swim, regardless of their ability to pay for lessons. Drowning claims the lives of an average of 10 people each day, two of those are children under the age of 14.
Thanks to a warm winter, more ticks are expected this spring and summer. See how to avoid getting Lyme disease and what to do if a tick bites you.
TMZ is reporting Prince apparently overdosed on the prescription painkiller Percocet six days before his death but was pulled back from the brink of death with the help of a "save shot." What is this? Addiction specialist Dr. Deni Carise explains.
Prince died today. He was only 57. He passed at his music studio in Minnesota. The sheriff says no foul play was involved. The medical examiner is expected to release the exact cause of death in the next two or three days.
People who have been paying attention to health news understand the astonishing and exciting benefits of three oils: olive oil, coconut oil and fish oil. Each benefits us in different ways, yet all are essential. For this reason, health-conscious individuals consume these three oils on a regular, often daily, basis.
Good nutrition is essential for healthy kids. But parents today are bombarded with confusing, and sometimes even harmful information. Dr. Tanya Altmann,  spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics offers expert advice with a simple program that follows the safest, best practices for feeding babies and young children.