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Moms, have a little compassion on your teenager who just won't get off the couch and do those household chores you keep nagging him to finish. Turns out, you didn't get stuck with a lemon of a kid. They're all that way. And so is everyone else...
Pastor and parenting expert Clinton McRae, Jr. tells CBN News the key ingredients to raising children and providing a happy home.
Author Alan Schwarz says ADHD is misdiagnosed among far too many children 
Thousands of documents reveal the sugar industry paid researchers to downplay sugar's role in heart disease and emphasize that of saturated fats instead.
A particularly cute video is making the rounds. It's the image of two little children, a boy and a girl, who are playing. The little girl gets hurt and the boy kisses her boo-boo.
Neurologist David Perlmutter explains how wheat, carbohydrates, and sugar harm your brain.