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The German people seem to have finally woken up on the immigration issue. 
A devout Muslim has been crowned prom queen at a San Bernardino County high school that is just miles from the Islamic terrorist attack last year that killed 14 people and wounded 22 others.   
The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cologne, Rainer Woelki, posted this video doing a sales pitch for Islam's place in Germany.
At least two people were seriously injured after a huge melee erupted at the Stalingrad Metro station in northeast Paris where migrants live outdoors.
A Brussels television network has uncovered previously unknown footage of Salah Abdeslam, the fugitive from the Nov. 13 Paris attacks, whose capture appears to have precipitated the March 22 bombing in Brussels. In the August 2014 footage revealed by tvbrussel on Wednesday, Abdeslam is seen strolling casually through the Molenbeek market in the Belgian capital with an unidentified companion. Abdeslam, like many of the men in the Islamic State group cell blamed for the pair of deadly attacks, is a native of the Brussels neighborhood.
Norway’s state Lutheran church has voted to adopt provisions for marrying same-sex couples at its meeting next year and to make it part of its official liturgy. One pastor has already resigned because of it.