Hamas Breaks Ceasefire, Israel Targets Terror Sites


JERUSALEM, Israel -- A 24-hour truce extension for Gaza was broken by Hamas early this morning when it launched three rockets into Israel.

No injuries were reported when the rockets exploded in open areas between Beersheva and Netivot. The Israeli Defense Force responded by targeting the terror infrastructure across the Gaza Strip.

"Today's rocket attack on the Israeli city of Beersheba is a grave and direct violation of the cease-fire that Hamas committed to," Israeli prime minister's Spokesman Mark Regev said.

"This is the eleventh ceasefire that Hamas has either rejected or violated and it's clear that a ceasefire has to be a two-way street," he continued. "It's not just that Israel hold its fire. Hamas must hold its fire. too."

The ceasefire violation frustrated Gaza residents who say they just want to start rebuilding their homes and lives.

"We want to be able to live, to be able to return to our houses even if I have to set up a tent in what was once my house," Gaza resident Mohammed Habib said. "But to stay like this, homeless, one day I am staying at a school, another at a hospital or at my sister's place or in other places. That's very tiring. We want this to end."

But a lasting peace agreement remains distant. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called Israeli negotiators home from talks in Cairo. He said there is no reason to negotiate while Hamas uses rocket attacks to get its way at the bargaining table.

Israel wants the demilitarization of Gaza. Hamas spokesman sami abu zuhri claims Israel is not serious about making peace with the Palestinians.

"The occupiers are still employing a policy of procrastination and they don't have any real will to reach an agreement," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said.

Hamas wants a lifting of Israel's blockade on Gaza. But Israel believes open borders without Israeli oversight will lead to the continued militarization of Gaza.

Netanyahu insists Hamas' goal is to destroy Israel and doesn't want peace talks. So, more strikes and counter strikes may be forthcoming.

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