Netanyahu: We Will Protect Our Borders


JERUSALEM, Israel -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect its borders.

Over the weekend, Israeli troops opened fire on three gunmen attempting to infiltrate from Syria. Soldiers manning an observation post spotted the cell and alerted ground troops.

It's unclear whether the terrorists were attempting to plant an explosive device or infiltrate Israel by cutting through the security fence. Two gunmen were killed in the ensuing fire fight and a third fled the scene.

Following a series of border incidents in the Golan Heights recently, troops have been instructed to respond proactively to suspected attemps to infiltrate from Syria or Lebanon.

"The IDF foiled an attempt to infiltrate the border and hit those who approached the fence," Netanyahu said. "We will continue to respond to any attempt to attack us and to the best of our ability, as initiated policy, we will foil these attacks before they occur. This is the essence of our ongoing policy; it works and is achieving results."

Netanyahu also spoke of the U.N.'s accusations against the Jewish state while unspeakable atrocities are taking place in other countries, including Syria.

"Over the weekend the U.N. Human Rights Council condemned Israel five times. This at a time when the slaughter in Syria is continuing, innocent people are being hung in the Middle East, and human rights are being eroded," he said.

"In many countries free media are being shut down and the U.N. Human Rights Council decides to condemn Israel for closing off a balcony," he added. "This is absurd. This march of hypocrisy is continuing and we will continue to condemn it and expose it."

The UNHRC adopted five new resolutions against Israel, four dealing with the Palestinian Authority and a fifth sponsored by Syrian President Bashar Assad demanding that Israel return the "Syrian Golan," which passed 33 to 1, with 13 abstensions.

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Paul Schriefer condemned the council's ongoing agenda against Israel, calling the resolutions "biased."

"None of the world's worst human rights violators, some of whom are the object of resolutions at this session, have their own stand-alone agenda item at this council," Schriefer said. "Only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy receives such treatment."

"Not only are the resolutions under this agenda item biased, but they work against our collective efforts to advance a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict," he said. "This council continually singles out Israel for criticism without acknowledging the violent attacks directed at its people, nor the obligations and difficult steps of both sides to resolve the conflict."

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