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The New York Times apologized Monday for publishing an opinion piece by convicted terror leader Marwan Barghouti demonizing Israel and questioning its right to exist. Barghouti accuses Israel of being an apartheid state guilty of human rights abuses, including torture and medical negligence.


On Sunday morning Coptic Christians gathered at St. Mary's church in Tanta, Egypt, to celebrate Palm Sunday.  During their worship service, a terrorist bomb ripped through these worshippers and killed more than 20 and wounded more than 50. 

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Without Warning, by Joel C. Rosenberg

Author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg says Syrian President Assad's chemical weapons attack against his own people and President Trump's response is a test between the new U.S. president and Russia's leader. Rosenberg told CBN News,"It's not just about Syria. This is a test between the United States and Russia over who is the dominant power, the guiding power in the Middle East today."