House Lawmakers Butt Heads on Contraception Mandate


Obamacare's contraception coverage mandate is front and center in the House of Representatives.

House members presented opposing arguments on whether the Christian company Hobby Lobby should be forced to provide coverage for birth control. The mandate goes against the owners' religious convictions.

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Texas, said business owners have personal religious rights, but their companies don't.

"What can be next? An employer denying coverage of routine immunizations or vaccinations because of religious belief?" Johnson asked.

"It is offensive that an employer believes they have the right to make these personal decisions for their employees," he charged. "I urge my colleagues to stand up and fight against this discriminatory action taken by Hobby Lobby."

But Rep. James Lankford, R-Okla., argued that employers should be free to keep same liberty they had before the rollout of Obamacare. He said the Affordable Care Act forces business owners to obey President Barack Obama's religious convictions instead of their own.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear challenges to the law's mandate next week

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