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Ralph Reed Speaks Out: 3 Reasons Playground Case Pivotal for Religious Liberty

Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed

WASHINGTON -- After hearing arguments Wednesday about an important church-state case, the Supreme Court signaled it would rule in favor of the Missouri church at the center of the hearings.

Many people watching the case are troubled by Missouri's decision to deny the church access to a grant program that pays for playground surfaces made of recycled tires.

Speaking to CBN News' Paul Strand outside the high court, Faith and Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed offered three reasons the case could prove pivotal for religious liberty.

"At issue here is a so-called Blaine Amendments. These were amendments that were passed primarily in the late 19th century, targeted at discriminating against Roman Catholics, and especially Roman Catholic schools," he explained.

"I think it's a black mark on the history of our country, and I hope the court uses this case as an opportunity to strike down the state Blaine Amendments that discriminate against religious faith," he said.

Watch the rest of his remarks above.


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