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Evangelical Leaders are Playing Political Checkers When They Should be Playing Chess


The weakness in America is not the Democrat Party, nor Republican Party, there’s nothing good or bad about either. Political parties are simply containers holding like-minded constituents. But this I can say without fear of contradiction, serious Christians are not housed in a political party that advocates:

  • Taking the life of an unborn child
  • Same-sex intercourse and marriage
  • Forcing states to “open female restrooms, showers, and locker rooms up to men under the guise of ‘inclusiveness’ and other politically correct buzzwords.” (1)

Evangelical pastors are on a learning curve to begin to understand the larger denominations of political currency. Politicians are not moved by ‘speechifying”, but by those with the ability to organize. And pastors are some of the best organizers in America.

The two largest denominations of currency in the political arena are, “How many votes can you bring to the table?” or “How much money can you bring, that brings votes to the table?” Unfortunately, many Evangelical leaders fall for calling press conferences, distributing press releases, and seeking to get a shout-out on FOX News. That strategy is good for fundraising and public relations, i.e., beneficial for boosting one’s reputation, bettering one’s image, and advancing one’s self.

Evangelical leadership today is playing political checkers, when the game is chess. The same board is used for both contests, but the game is played with different pieces, different strategy, and different rules. The difference between the two contests is like the difference between “Lightning” and “Lightning Bug.”

There is no more important function in politics than the recruiting of the right candidates. This is where Evangelical pastors, and men and women of Issachar, come in. As we begin to launch men and women of character into the public arena, people of strength with a thorough knowledge of His word, whereby he or she understands the full nature of God(2), Secularism will begin to be dismantled and America restored to a Biblical-based culture poured by its Founders.

For an example of selecting the right candidate, let’s take NC Lt. Governor Dan Forrest. Last fall — in the middle of his reelection — the media turned the klieg lights in favor of North Carolina’s Transgender Bathroom Ordinance. As the lights came on the rats (who stand for nothing but speak “Christianese”) ran for cover and the secular birds began to sing.

Secularists partnered with 1) the NBA, which moved the All-Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans, 2) the NCAA, which moved its first and second round NCAA tournament games from Greensboro to Greenville, SC, and 3) Duke legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski, who blitzed the state, lobbying for men in women’s locker rooms and showers.

In between games at the NCAA’s March Madness, the CBS crew weighed-in and allowed Charles Barkley to preach his standards for righteousness:

“No. 1, I really admire and respect coach Krzyzewski because he doesn’t have to do anything. He’s already a living legend. He’s got more money than he’s ever gonna spend, but I really appreciate him standing up for my gay friends.

“Now, my point, as a black man, I am against any form of discrimination whether you’re gay, Muslim, Hispanic, Jewish, whatever, and, if people in position of power don’t support these people, they’re gonna be left in a lurch by themselves.

“All these other groups are getting to feel what black people feel like now. With the Muslim ban, they’re deporting these immigrants, white folks are actually getting an opportunity to feel what black people have always felt. Discrimination is wrong in any shape whatsoever.”

A Gideon stood in North Carolina against all odds and the onslaught of the pagan culture. Demonstrating that principle and character are more important than winning a re-election, Lt. Governor doubled-down in July:

“What is happening here is so much bigger than a basketball game. A sovereign state is being blackmailed by a private business (NBA) who is being threatened by a national LGBT lobbying effort, all to force North Carolina to open female restrooms, showers and locker rooms up to men. All of this was done under the guise of “inclusiveness” and other politically correct buzzwords. But the reality is that, sex offenders and pedophiles [will] have had full access to our women and children in bathrooms around the state. I enjoy the NBA and wanted them to hold the All-Star game in Charlotte but if that game comes with strings attached, strings that would expose women and children to danger, molestation, assault and voyeurism, then no thank you. Take your business elsewhere, and I have no apologies about saying that and never will. The NBA knows the economic hit North Carolina will take from this decision. I wish the NBA would likewise acknowledge the pain, sorrow and devastation a child or woman feels when they are exploited. We will never value a dollar over a woman’s or child’s safety and security.”

Lt. Governor Forrest won reelection in a landslide!

Recruiting Gideon’s and Rahab’s is crucial if we are to reestablish the Biblical-based culture laid by the American Founders. Virtue is a component of sustainable freedom.

David Lane is founder of the American Renewal Project.

(1) NC Lieutenant Governor Dan Forrest
(2) R. Dennis Cole, Numbers Commentary

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