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Sarah Palin, Dr. Candy Carson Headline 'Mom’s 'March'

Sarah Palin

Scores of moms and women from across the country gathered in Omaha, Nebraska with a mission to reclaim their children’s “heritage through faith, family, freedom and the Constitution.”

The Mom’s March for America, organized by Homemakers for America, was dubbed as a voice for moms concerned about a moral decline across the country and an answer to the Women’s March that took place in DC earlier this year.

"We had just seen a couple months prior in D.C., this women's march that frankly didn't represent myself or any women I knew," said Dawn Wildman of Mom’s March for America.

The event garnered a crowd of about 300 but organizers expected thousands to participate in the live stream.

Event organizers explained the “march” wasn’t a march at all, but a symbolic movement.

According to Mom’s March for America:

“The mom’s march for America is not a march where we walk down the street shouting and carrying signs.  That has all been done before and what has it accomplished? This a different kind of march—a symbolic march uniting mothers who march every day to serve their families, strengthen their communities, and shape the future of our nation. This is a cultural march toward a higher standard of decency, civility, and liberty.”

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took the time to encourage the women attending, particularly the moms.

"The best day in my life was the day I became a mom...No better job in the world. None more exciting, none more important," Palin told the women. "It is a war out there for our children's future," she continued. 

She went on to speak about the importance of seizing the moment.

“You gotta seek out those opportunities to be in the battle when God has an open door for you,” she said.

Dr. Candy Carson, author and wife of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, also spoke at the event. 

Other keynote speakers included Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Elizabeth Johnston, otherwise known as the Activist Mommy.

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