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Trump to Meet with Queen Elizabeth II and Britain's PM Amid Protests


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump landed in London after leaving a 2-day summit in Brussels where he claimed victory on defense spending.

"The United States commitment to NATO is very strong," he said. "I think NATO is much stronger now than it was two days ago."

Trump hopes to build on that momentum when he sits down with Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II.

The trip comes amid scheduled protests throughout central London where demonstrators plan to fly a huge balloon depicting Trump as a baby.

The US Embassy in Britain has urged Americans to "keep a low profile" during the president's visit to London.

Organizers are protesting the "type of politics that Trump represents" and even British authorities who invited him to the UK in the first place.

During his 4-day visit to Great Britain, Trump plans to focus on Iran, the economy and trade.

The White House has threatened to slap another round of tariffs to the tune of $200 billion on Chinese imports.

During the NATO summit, Trump said the US will "negotiate a fair deal if that's possible" and that America will "end up doing something very good with China."

Trump has also slapped tariffs on European aluminum and steel.

Trump and May are expected discuss Russia ahead of the president's meeting with President Vladimir Putin on Monday.

Allies are concerned Trump won't be tough with Russia's president or even raise the issue of election meddling.

Trump countered that concern, saying that he will raise the issue and that he is "not happy about Crimea."

The commander in chief continues to blame former President Barack Obama for doing nothing when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine.

"We'll see where it leads," Trump said. "I think meeting with people is great."

Trump did not call Putin a friend or foe but referred to him as a "competitor."





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