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'The Public Needs to Be Aware of What's Going On': Terror Victim's Parents Beg Senate to End 'Pay-to-Slay' 


WASHINGTON — Americans concerned about their tax dollars being used to reward Palestinian terrorists are waiting for Congress to take action on the Taylor Force Act.

Today hard-earned American tax dollars are being indirectly used to pay Palestinian terrorists to murder Jews and others in Israel.

Meanwhile in Washington, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are working to put a stop to it.

The Taylor Force Act cuts US funding for the Palestinian Authority unless it ends its practice of "pay-to-slay," that is, payments to terrorists and their families after a successful attack on innocent people.

It's named for Taylor Force, an American combat veteran murdered while visiting Israel.

After Force was brutally stabbed to death, the PA praised his killer and made sure his family is set for life.

"Our mission is to make sure people are aware of the Taylor Force Act. It's addressing the 'pay for slay.' The Palestinians have a reward program for terrorism committed in Israel and Taylor was a victim," Taylor's father, Stuart, told Fox News.

"The American public needs to be aware of what's going on and yes, Taylor, I think would appreciate what has been done," Taylor's mother, Robbi Force, added. "It is bipartisan, it's not political, and it should be bipartisan. It needs to change."

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The PA has tens of thousands on its "pay-to-slay" payroll to the tune of millions, and the US is the PA's biggest benefactor.

It's a chilling practice that American lawmakers say has to stop.

"It bothers me greatly that the Palestinian Authority would be paying its young people to become terrorists, so you can see this bill go forward. Having said that, I stand ready to work with the Palestinians. I would like to give them more, but Taylor Force has to be dealt with as a pre-condition for me," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, said on a recent fact finding mission to the Middle East.

The Taylor Force Act has already passed the House. The Senate was expected to vote on it this week, but that didn't happen. 

Since it involves funding it may get rolled up into the comprehensive spending bill they'll vote on at the end of the month.    


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