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Trump Administration Reverses Transgender Prison Policies

The Trump administration announced Friday new changes to a federal prison policy for transgender inmates.
The Obama-era policy allowed inmates to be placed in federal prisons that corresponded to their gender identity rather than biological sex.
Now, under new guidelines set in place by the Trump Administration, officials on the Bureau of Prisons Transgender Executive Committee (TEC) must follow four assessments on a "case-by-case basis" when determining where to place alleged transgender inmates.
The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) posted the changes to its website stating that during the initial assessment the TEC "will use biological sex as the initial determination for designation."
The guide also says the "health and safety" of the inmate should be considered when deciding where they will be placed, as well as if they pose a "risk" to other inmates.
The Trump Administration also added that any hormone of medical treatment must be "necessary" and will be provided after an individualized assessment of the requested inmate by institution medical staff.
"The manual now addresses and articulates the balance of safety needs of transgender inmates as well as other inmates, including those with histories of trauma, privacy concerns, etc., on a case-by-case basis," a BOP spokesperson told NBC News.
NBC reports the new revisions come after a lawsuit by four female Texas inmates in 2016 claiming "their constitutional rights and their rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act" were being violated by being housed with transgender women.
Within the last year, the Trump administration has also rolled back guidelines for transgender military members and school transgender policies.

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