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Grammy nominated recording artist Jamie Grace is sending a message of love to the thieves who robbed her family's Stone Mountain, Georgia church before last Sunday's service.
In Case You Missed them, Studio 5 has the top five movies you should check out before Oscar weekend! 
LOS ANGELES -- The annual Grammy Awards was notable this year for its rousing performances by several gospel artists. But big celebrations of faith aren't limited to those who record Christian music full time.   
This year's Grammy Awards produced a series of memorable moments that celebrated faith. One of the first came before the formal televised ceremony began.  
Lady Gaga's performance at Super Bowl LI is getting a lot of attention - but what she said to her team just before her half time show is pretty powerful. 
Mel Gibson's "Hacksaw Ridge" is up for six nominations, including one for Gibson as best director. The announcement came just days after his ninth child was born.