The Link!

25 year old Monica Sykes has been missing since October 28, 2016. Her mother Regina Sykes has been posting videos about her daughter's disappearance on Facebook.  The response has been overwhelming and is rallying thousands from around the world to pray for Monica's safe return.
Kellie Lane of Jackson, Mississippi, reaches the masses on Facebook from the privacy of her prayer closet!
Rhodonna Boyd is a preacher of the gospel, worship leader and author of several books. She is single, saved and living life with Purpose!
Ruth Soukup blogs blogs about everything from decluttering your home to how to save money.But after a lot of thought and prayerm earlier this year, the popular blogger shared about her personal battle with past sexual abuse and clinical depression.  
Contentious presidential election, threats of terrorism, racial division, financial turmoil, crime, persecution, etc. I can't think of anything I want more than the presence of God!
New York Times best-selling author Lisa Bevere admonishes women, "Don't you dare compare becauseyou are without rival!"